The world would be a better place if everyone skateboarded
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hi, my name is Derek Hawkins, This is my site. If you don't like it, Don't visit it. I am almost 14 years old and all i do is skateboard, and when i'm not skateboarding, i am thinking about it and looking for places to skate. anyways......ENJOI...hahahaha enjoi
This pic is me at my school skateboarding...doing one of my favourite tricks, BS 180
My School SHJH, Sackville Heights Junior High
I have the worst school ever, im going into grade 9 thise year, thank god, one more year and i will be out of that hell hole. The worst thing about it is our crazy pincipal, mrs. farynuik (everyone hates her) the only thing that school is good for is skating on
Quote of the week
I was hungry so i thought i'd heat up a brick of cheese. I NEED MY CHEESE!!

Sweet Movies
The best movies I've seen in a while
1.Pirates of the caribbean..Great movie, in theatres now
2.Lord Of The Rings. both of the L.O.R movies have been amazing and the third is coming out in December
3.Supertar...Never gets old. hahahahahaha
4.Old School. Out on video now. Funny as hell!
Tell me about some good movies

Skater of the year
Mark Appleyard takes it home this year......Well deserved, that is all i have to say

My Board
This is my deck, at first i wasnt sure i was going to like it, but i've got it worked in and now i love it